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Hi. I'm a 20-something college student who currently lives somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. I spend most of my time rereading mindless romance books and surfing the net, looking for more manga to satisfy my ever-growing appetite. Sundays are usualy devoted to watching professional football and going to church, although the games I want to watch are never on the cable my parents pay for.

As for manga, I find 99% of what I read is shoujo or josei (fact of life). Because I was a closet reader for so long, I actually created this journal so I could go on mega-rants when something good/bad happened in my reading and I never did quite get over that (even though most people I know now know of my hobby), so a large percentage of this journal is entirely manga-oriented.
I was first introduced to manga when I was in the 10th grade, moved three states further south and found myself somehow friends with all the manga-freaks (that's what I called them). They decided to make it their mission to get my hooked and therefore, made a conscious effort to rouse my curiosity (that thing is going to kill me one day) and eventually started lending me series such as Fruits Basket, Imadoki, and Ayashi no Ceres. I moved again at the end of the year and it seemed like it didn't stick until I was a freshman in college, bored and wondering how that animal-thing (Fruits Basket) ended. That was more than two years ago.

My other big passion has a set season of the year and is also relatively new. When I was in high school, I was forced into the marching band, so I was at football games almost every week despite the fact that I completely didn't understand the rules or even really care who won. Well, freshman year of college was Brett Favre's last season as a Packer (I think I bleed green and gold, compliments of my parents) and about halfway through I started watching. Since then, I've had to hide two Favre jerseys in the back of my closet (not wearing something with a Viking's name on it, thank you very much) and become a die-hard fan of Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay is my absolute favorite team and most of the games I watch are because I want to see someone lose (ie, Bears, Patriots, Steelers and mostly Vikings) but there are several other teams I find myself cheering for on a regular basis (Lions [not even I can resist that far an underdog], Titans...that's about it).

My family consists of my parents (high school sweethearts), me, and two younger brothers. My father was in the Army for years and years, so I spent most of my childhood moving from place to place; I actually lived in South Korea for a time. The oldest son in my family, James (often referred to as "younger brother" or "younger bro") is almost two years younger than me and probably one of my best friends. My baby brother (often just referred to as that) is named Aaron and he is exactly five years and one month younger than me. He's normally a royal pain in the...you know what, but I'm really proud of him most of the time.

I tend to think of the weirdest things at the weirdest times and view this as a practice for writing, so I try to write an entry every day and make it as long as possible (translation: I ramble...a lot!). *shrugs* That's me, in a nutshell, I guess. Although, it is awful long and wordy for a nutshell, isn't it?